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Rumble Audio Lounge
Rumble Audio Bathroom
Rumble Audio Main Editing Suite
Rumble Audio Hallway
Rumble Audio Isolation/Foley Booth
Rumble Audio
Rumble Audio Isolation Room
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Walter Foods2.jpg
Walter Foods.jpg
Walter Foods Bar.jpg
The lodge reception area.jpg
The Lodge Mastering.jpg
SAE Institute3.jpg
SAE Institute2.jpg
SAE Institute NYC.jpg
Post Factory3.jpg
Post Factory2.jpg
Post Factory.jpg
DADDARRIO Reed Room_EID2100.jpg
DADDARRIO Lounge_EID2033.jpg
DADDARRIO Jam Room_EID2067.jpg
DADDARRIO Guitar Room_EID2088.jpg
Gibson Baldwin
Doctor's Office
Buffalo Cantina
Finger Music
200 6th St Before
200 6th St After
 kitchen Ellis-2280.jpg
 lounge Ellis-2305.jpg
 bathroom Ellis-2352.jpg
 hallway Ellis-2259.jpg
 studio 04 Ellis-2333.jpg
 studio 03 Ellis-2155.jpg
 studio 02 Ellis-2065.jpg
 studio 01b Ellis-1972.jpg
 studio 01a Ellis-1934.jpg
 live room C Ellis-2248.jpg
 live room B Ellis-2210.jpg
 live room A Ellis-2201.jpg
 vocal booth Ellis-2185.jpg

    As a designer, Ellis has had massive success in designing and building studios for music, film and television. The Lodge Mastering Studio, designed and built by David Ellis, won a Grammy for mastering the Foo Fighters "Wasting Light". Several other albums mastered at The Lodge have gone gold and platinum. (Third Eye Blind, Neon Trees)

  "Land Ho", the first movie to be sound edited at Rumble Audio (designed and built by Ellis in 2013) was the highlight of the Sundance Film Festival and was picked up for distribution by Sony Pictures Classic. Almost immediately after opening, Rumble Audio was certified by Dolby Digital Sound making it the only official Dolby post-production studio in Brooklyn. 


Ellis also designed and built: 

D'Addario Studio (worlds largest guitar string company) 

Gibson Guitars/Baldwin Pianos  (performance space for Les Paul's 90th birthday) 

Finger Music Studio (Dave Hodge from Broken Social Scene) 

Loho Studio (Keith Richards, Blues Traveler, John Mayer's first record, platinum status)


Beatstreet Studio (owned by Joe Franco, drummer of Twisted Sister)

Engine Room Audio (50 Cent, 98 Degrees, Ok Go, Wu Tang)

Saltlands Studio (The National, Nora Jones)

Post Factory (Coen Brothers, Ben Stiller, Sofia Coppola, Nick Cassevetes, John Turturro)


Blue Man Group Studio (Drama Desk Award, Grammy Award Nominee)

Eargoo Studio (Jackass 3D, The Real World, Best Week Ever)

School Of Audio Engineering Institute NYC (America's top engineering school)

Degraw Sound (Sony, A&M, Universal)

Love Boat Studio (Nick Stumpf of French Kicks)

Honey Jar Studio (Nora Jones, Steve Reich)

Studio Burg and Dog (Joe Russo of "Further")

Creekside Sound (AT&T, Samsung, New York Rangers Theme)



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