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Sweet Little Roxana songs on classic soundtrack

In the early 90's the band was being managed by the always energetic, charming, and confident John Stavros. Along with feeding us and allowing us to crash in his studio, he immediately secured us a production deal with Interface, where Dee Dee Ramone was recording his rap album. Stavros then struck a deal with Lloyd Kaufman to feature four of our songs on the soundtrack of the new Troma Films movie "Class Of Nuke 'Em High 2, Subhumanoid Meltdown." Up until that point it was the most money I had ever seen, $50 per song I think? Straight away the money was blown on booze, drugs, and a meal at Tad's Steaks on 34th street.

John Stavros currently owns and operates The Kingston Pop Museum and I occasionally enjoy a good steak.


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