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Finally, the apex consumer product has been created, a commodity that not only satisfies but simultaneously overloads all of the human senses. Unbridled corporate pyrotechnics for a nation of citizen-customers.


In his latest conceptual installation, David Craig Ellis introduces us to "STARFKRS," an American company so gargantuan, so pervasive, so inescapable that it could only be fake…  Not content with mere juxtaposition, Ellis interrogates the dialectical synergy of two mammoth brands - each an unquestionable market leader - and fuses them into a single, awe-inspiring enterprise capable of appeasing the full breadth of consumer demands. Big business has never been this big.


“STARFKRS” meticulously deconstructs both a lifestyle-defining, vertically-integrated sustenance delivery movement, as well as the most colossal and bombastic musical-entertainment spectacle the world has ever known, then ingeniously distills the two to their most efficient, most necessary attributes, leaving consumers (né viewers) with the gift of a single, all-encompassing, hyper-streamlined brand. “STARFKRS” delivers to us a delightful, digestible product that sustains, entertains, and retains. This is a bountiful new frontier of  focus-group-friendly commercialization possibilities. This is the bread and circus of which no Roman ever dared to dream. 


 "I have triumphantly scaled the mountain of capitalism and the view from the top is limitless horizon of merchandising potential!" -Ellis

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